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Gereon Goldbach

I am a full-stack web developer

As a full-stack developer, I specialize in frontend and backend web applications and REST APIs using Laravel.

In addition to the proven CMS systems WordPress and MODX I also use Jamstack solutions like NuxtJS or Astro as well as Strapi to program fast websites.

To take advantage of the many benefits of Laravel, I usually develop WordPress websites using the starter theme Sage from and the plug-in ACF Pro. I often create small to medium websites using the website builder Elementor Pro.

JavaScript frameworks like Vue or libraries like Alpine.js or jQuery as well as Vanilla JS are firmly anchored in my daily work. I also use common CSS frameworks like Tailwind, Bootstrap or Bulma.

On my unusual career path, I was able to gain a lot of business experience and knowledge: starting with the preparation of a business plan for financing to monitoring and controlling the project.

My brief resume.


It all started with the Sinclair ZX81 computer. My first games and programs for the operating systems CP/M and DOS I developed with the programming languages Basic, Pascal and Assembler.


Due to my programming skills, I created my first professional applications for asset management, accounting and controlling with QuickBasic.

Setup and installation of my first networks with MS-DOS.


Founded my first company Goldsoft – software development and server management.

With the conversion to dBase and Clipper, I was able to make the software multi-user and network-compatible.

The administration of networks and servers became an integral part of my job.


I used my sales & marketing experience from the hotel industry to program my own price comparison system for hotel bookings.

For this purpose, I created my own data warehouse system in MySQL that automatically imported and prepared the data from various booking portals.

Additional data from the web was imported into the system using a proprietary web crawler

With a dedicated IBE, the lowest price for a hotel could then be displayed and reserved by the customer.

The content for the respective hotels was entered into various web systems using RSS feeds, API and XML interfaces, and the corresponding web pages were created automatically.

The bookings were handled by external providers.

The company HTRS (Hotel & Ticket Reservation System) was founded.


Creating websites and developing custom frontend, backend and API solutions for new and existing applications.

Managing projects in a variety of areas.